CS251L - Fall 2012

Intermediate Programming

Section 002

Jan Monterrubio

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Moble Madness!

November 13th, 2012!


With mobile devices coming out and people doing important things on their mobile devices, the real world has shifted to focus more on mobile platform programming and XML. Therefore, we have decided that it would be better to learn graphical user interfaces on the Android platform. The next set of weeks, you will be learning more about Android programming, which is somewhat the same and somewhat different to Java programming. You will also learn about XML and how to integrate things between Java and Android.

Starting Steps

  1. Install Android SDK, Eclipse plug-in (if you are using one or haven't done so). Here is some very useful tutorial that I found for installing Android on WinXP: Tutorial
  2. If you have not been following along with lecture, here is a helpful tutorial on how to get you started with your FIRST Android App: My First App


For this week, the end product you want to have is a single button that will display a Random Message.



Sorry for being out of town this week, I won't have office hours on WEDNESDAY but I will be in for Friday office hours