NonEuclid Change History


1 - Open File Filter:
Added file filter on the open file dialog to only display files with the .euc extension

2 - User Note Window:
Added a window with an area to add text annotations. This is optionally displayed by through the view menu. This text is saved in the .euc sketch file when a NonEuclid sketch is saved. Whenever a sketch is opened, the text annotation window will default to the front.

3 - Gallery:
Added a gallery menu that accesses a few sample sketches.


1 - Java Web Start:
Replaced NonEuclid applet with NonEuclid application using Java Web Start

2 - html Symbols:
Many browsers do not support the html 4.0 entities ≅ for the congruent symbol, and ∠ for the angle symbol. Therefore, in the documentation pages, these entities have been replaced with image files


1 - Bug Fix: Clear Info Box on New:
The info box is the area where user defined measurements are displayed. Fixed bug that was not clearing the info box when the workspace was cleared.

2 - Bug Fix: Degenerate Angles and Triangles:
When the length of the legs of an angle or the length of the sides of a triangle measure less then 0.001, then any measurements that the user has displayed of the angle or triangle are now displayed as ~degenerate (approximately degenerate).


1 - Swing:
Updated Graphical User Interface from Java AWT to Java Swing. Not only does Swing provide a more modern look-and-feel, it is also far more robust across different operating systems, browsers and versions of Java.

2 - Cannot Move Point Message:
Added error message that displays when the user tries to move a point that is not free to move because its location is completely determined by its rules of construction.

3 - Font Size:
In the past there was separate menu control for text font size, label font size and point size. These have now been merged into a single control. This reduces configurability, but usually a user who wants to change one wants to change all three correspondingly.

4 - Update Script Files:
When the user opens a script that was saved in an old format, NonEuclid now prompts the user.

5 - Remember Current Path:
When the file open or save dialogs are used, NonEuclid now remembers the directory that was selected and defaults to that directory in future open and save dialogs for the reminder of the session.

6 - Show Points Checkbox:
Added menu item to toggle display of points. In pervious version, display of a point could be turned off by setting the size to zero.

7 - Color Chooser:
Replaced preset list of object colors with a Swing color chooser dialog.


Original Port to the Write-Once-Debug-Everywhere Java 1.1:


Port to Microsoft VisualBasic for Windows 3.1:


Publication in Mathematics and Computer Education:
"An Empirical Exploration of the Poincare Model for Hyperbolic Geometry" by Joe Austin, Joel Castellanos, Ervan Darnell, and Maria Estrada. Winter 1993, Volume 27, Number 1.


Computers in Geometry Classrooms National Conference, St. Olaf College, Minnesota, U.S.A.:
The Macintosh version was presented at the conference as a talk and workshop.


Port to Macintosh using Borland C++:


Original Release of NonEuclid:
NonEuclid was first written as a student project at Rice University with funding from the National Science Foundation under the Rice University "Spend a Summer with a Scientist Program". The original code was written in Microsoft VisualBasic for MS-DOS. It had no mouse control. A command line interface was used to construct points by polar coordinates.

The original idea was of NonEuclid was the child of Dr. Joe Dan Austin, a processor in the Dept. of Education of Rice University and was inspired by his reading of "Elementary Geometry from an Advanced Standpoint" by E.E. Moise.

Joel Castellanos used the idea for a student project wherein he was the summer mentor of the then college junior Maria Estrada. During this early development, Ervan Darnell, then a Rice University, graduate student of computer science, made significant contributions to the mathematical algorithms development.