Prime Factor Attack

An on-going game development project by the University of New Mexico's Department of Computer Science first year computer science students

Dedicated to the Extreme, Gnarly, and Rad grade school students of Albuquerque, the East Mountains, and all the composite number blasting kids on the planet Earth.

How to set up PrimeFactorAttack with IntelliJ and GitHub
GitHub Repository for PrimeFactorAttack

To Play:
Click "Start Game"
Watch the Composite numbers falling out of the sky.
Click a button showing a prime number that is a factor of the falling composite number.
Can you unlock 29?
Can you reach Ezra Stalling's Mr. Block's Wild Ride?
Can you beat the epic level 30, Deadly Cross of Pokodots?
Who in your class will be the first to behold these wonders of prime numbers, trigonometry, and stochastic (that is a fancy way of saying random) processes?
Can you puzzle out the equation used for scoring points?

Project Director:
Joel Castellanos , Department of Computer Science, University of New Mexico

Graphic Art and Real-Time Visual Effects:
Sandstorm colors and design inspiration by Jared Tarbell. Additionally, the Time-Stop graphics is a direct port to Java of Jared Tarbell's "Sand Traveler" code originally written in the Processing programming language.

Conposite number Final Factor Mandalas and Explosions:

Intro and Transition Screens:

Button Design and effects implementation:

Screen Background Art and static digital Images:

Game Engine Design and Implementation:

Sound Effects: Recorded and Edited by: