CS 491 Topics in Computer Science: Virtual Reality
Computer Science Department
University of New Mexico

Joel Castellanos , Department of Computer Science


Notes, Links and Assignments:

  1. Software: Unity Personal (free)
  2. Tutorial: Unity: Interface tutorial
  3. Tutorial: Unity: Roll-a-Ball tutorial
  4. Tutorial: Unity: Space Shooter tutorial
  5. Tutorial: Unity: Build a Simple VR Unity Game
  6. Video TED Talk: Virtual Lab will Revolutionize Science Class by Michael Bodekaer
  7. Video TED Talk: Birth of Virtual Reality as an Art Form by Chris Milk
  8. Video TED Talk: Technology that Knows What You're Feeling by Poppy Crum
  9. Source Background_AbstractScript.cs
  10. Source Background_DLA_Script.cs
  11. Source DrawUtilities.cs
  12. Source Kaleidoscope.cs
  13. Source NoiseTexture.cs
  14. Source Voronoi.cs
  15. WebGL SquarePyramid.html WebGL app that renders a square pyramid with some drawing options
  16. Data HillDataFile.csv Comma seperated value file of x, y, height or a hill
  17. Source ProceduralMeshScript.cs Unity C# code for procedural generation of a mesh from the HillDataFile.csv file.