;;; This is one of the example programs from the textbook:
;;; Artificial Intelligence: 
;;; Structures and strategies for complex problem solving
;;; by George F. Luger and William A. Stubblefield
;;; These programs are copyrighted by Benjamin/Cummings Publishers.
;;; We offer them for use, free of charge, for educational purposes only.
;;; Disclaimer: These programs are provided with no warranty whatsoever as to
;;; their correctness, reliability, or any other property.  We have written 
;;; them for specific educational purposes, and have made no effort
;;; to produce commercial quality computer programs.  Please do not expect 
;;; more of them then we have intended.

;;; These functions define a depth first inheritance search of a 
;;; semantic network, as in chapter 14.

(defun inherit-get (object property)
   (or (get object property)
       (get-from-parents (get object 'isa) property)))

(defun get-from-parents (parents property)
   (cond ((null parents) nil)
	 ((atom parents) (inherit-get parents property))
	 (t (or (get-from-parents (car parents) property)
	        (get-from-parents (cdr parents) property)))))

;;; These functions define a simple semantic network about animals.

(setf (get 'animal 'covering) 'skin)
(setf (get 'bird 'covering) 'feathers)
(setf (get 'bird 'travel) 'flies)
(setf (get 'bird 'isa) 'animal)
(setf (get 'fish 'isa) 'animal)
(setf (get 'fish 'travel) 'swim)
(setf (get 'ostrich 'isa) 'bird)
(setf (get 'ostrich 'travel) 'walk)
(setf (get 'penguin 'isa) 'bird)
(setf (get 'penguin 'travel) 'walk)
(setf (get 'penguin 'color) 'brown)
(setf (get 'opus 'isa) 'penguin)
(setf (get 'canary 'isa) 'bird)
(setf (get 'canary 'color) 'yellow)
(setf (get 'canary 'sound) 'sing)
(setf (get 'tweety 'isa) 'canary)
(setf (get 'tweety 'color) 'white)
(setf (get 'robin 'isa) 'bird)
(setf (get 'robin 'sound) 'sings)
(setf (get 'robin 'color) 'red)


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