Contributed Code

Below are links to code that has been submitted by students as demonstrations of algorithms discussed in the text. We do not warrant that these or any codes work correctly.

Language Description Author
Haskell Haskell Search Benjamin Gordon
Exshell Exshell Search Benjamin Gordon
Prolog Estonian Language Parser Sean Brennan
Prolog Estonian Language Parser Sean Brennan
Prolog Russian Language Parser Nikita Sakhanenko
Prolog Spanish Language Parser Elena Gabriela Barrantes-Sliesarieva
Prolog Arabic Language Parser Sinan Al-Saffar
Prolog Portuguese Language Parser Alejandro J. C De Baca
Prolog Chinese Language Parser Shuda Li
ML Unification Algorithm Clint Morgan
Prolog Student Advisor Expert System Shuda Li
Ciao Ciao Applications Mario Mendez Lojo
Various Tar-gzip collection of source for many examples Various

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