Mediasite Player allows you to view live, on-demand, or portable presentations—including synchronized support materials such as slide images—using your Web browser. A live presentation is one that is broadcast while it is being recorded. You can join a live presentation before it begins or after it has already started. An on-demand presentation is one that is played-back any time after it has been recorded. A portable presentation is a recorded presentation that is self-contained and can be played back from your local hard drive or a CD.

Watching a presentation using Mediasite Player is virtually the same as being in the room with the presenter. The presentation begins playing automatically when you open Mediasite Player. The Mediasite Player window includes separate controls for the video and slide show portions of a presentation.

This help file discusses Mediasite Player requirements and provides instructions for setting Player options and using the Player controls to navigate and view a presentation's video and slides, answer polls, ask questions, and display presentation details, closed-captions, and links.

Take a tour of the Mediasite Player

For more detailed descriptions of the Player's features and controls, take a tour of the Mediasite Player.