Viewing a presentation

Presentations start automatically when you open the Mediasite Viewer. You can join a presentation before it begins or after it has started. The Mediasite Viewer window includes separate controls for the video and slide show portions of a presentation. Use the video controls to control playback, the video settings, and volume settings. Use the track bar to quickly navigate through an on-demand or portable presentation:

Live presentation indicator



When a presentation is being broadcast live, the live presentation indicator will flash red.

Video controls

Use the buttons below the video display to control playback, video settings, and volume settings.




If you're watching an on-demand presentation, drag the trackbar to seek through the presentation.


Click to resume playback after stopping or pausing the presentation.


Click to suspend playback. Click Play to resume.


Click to halt playback. When you're viewing a live presentation, clicking Stop may cause you to miss some of the presentation when you begin watching again, the video and images appearing in the Mediasite Viewer are those being broadcast in real time. When you're viewing an on-demand presentation, playback will start at the beginning of the presentation when you click Play.

Full Screen

Click to enlarge the video to fill your monitor. Press Esc to exit full-screen mode.


Click to turn off the presentation's audio. Click again to turn it on again.


Move tab to increase or decrease playback speed


Click + to increase volume, or click - to decrease volume.

Slide show controls

You can view the slides in a presentation as a slide show, as thumbnails, or as a large slide. You can also view slide titles, slide text descriptions, and chapters instead of slides if those features have been added to the presentation. Slide text descriptions, slide titles, and chapters can all be read by text readers like GW Micro Window-Eyes®.

Use the following slide controls to navigate through the slides or adjust how the slides are displayed:



Click to playback the slide show using the original slide size. Select the Auto Refresh check box to automatically update slide images as they change.  Click Refresh Now to manually retrieve and display the latest slide image.

Click to view slide image.

Click to view slide text description.

Click to view slides as thumbnails (small images).

Click to view text slide list.

Click to view chapters.

Increase or decrease thumbnail image size (only when viewing images as thumbnails)

Click to start presentation at the beginning when viewing slides as thumbnails.

Previous Slide

Click to navigate through the slides in on-demand mode. This option is not available for live presentations.

Next Slide

Show/Hide Captioning

Click to display or conceal closed captions below the presentation's video. These controls are only available for presentations with closed captions and/or slide text descriptions added. Closed captioning is available only with Internet Explorer.