Project 3: Find the Weather for a City


There are two general goals for this project:

General Requirements


You will build a weather server on your local machine. The requirements for the server are:


    The client should have text fields that can be used to specify a city and a refresh button.

    As an example, the weather underground supports several request formats. One is using state and city name. For example, albuquerque will be requested as:

    In this case, you need two text fields: one for the the state (NM) and another for the the city name (Albuquerque). You have the choices of using which weather web server and which information used to retrieve the weather information. Please state how to enter input to your program in your readme.

    The refresh button is for user to click on to get new information. Your GUI for display weather information will be refreshed every time a user presses the refresh button. This means that the client will send a request to the server everytime the refresh button is pressed.

    How your program should run

    The server will be started using the following command:
    java Server

    The client will be started with:
    java Client


    Note: your readme file should include a clear description of how the program should be run.