Last Modified: September 17, 2001

CS 460 Software Engineering - Fall 2001
Term Project

Throughout the semester, you will work on a substantial group project. Each group must start with five or six members. This page will document the steps in this project.

Phase Task Assigned
Due Date
0 Web Site 8/21/01 8/30/01
1 Feasibility Study 8/23/01 9/11/01
2 Requirements Document 9/4/01 9/25/01
3 Architecture Document 10/16/01
4 Test Plan Document 10/30/01
5 Code Walkthrough 11/27/01

Phase 5. Code Walkthrough

Assigned ; Due 11/27/01 & 11/29/01; Turn in your presentation.

Phase 4. Test Plan Document

Assigned ; Due 10/30/01 & 11/01/01; Turn in your test plan and your presentation.

Phase 3. Architecture Document

Assigned 9/4/01; Due 10/16/01 & 10/18/01; Turn in your architecture document and your presentation.

Your architecture document should include a variety of diagrams that describe the software architecture. You may use different types of models for different parts of the system as you choose.

This document is expected to be 5 to 10 pages, including diagrams.

Phase 2. Systems Requirement Document

Assigned 9/4/01; Due 9/25/01& 9/27/01; Turn in your requirements document and your presentation.

Your systems requirement document should include both, the user requirements and the systems requirements. You may use any form of specification that you like. Be certain that your requirements are clear, concise, unambiguous, complete and consistent.

This document is expected to be 5 to 10 pages, including diagrams.

Phase 1. Tell us what (you think) you're doing

Assigned 8/23/01; Due 9/11/01 & 9/13/01; Turn in a copy of your presentation.

The first real order of business is to decide on the project that your group will be working on. You should identify a project that is of interest to the members of your group and, preferably, one for which there is already a significant amount of code already available on the Web.

Each group will select a member of the group to make a class presentation on either the 11th or 13th. This presentation should The presentation should be integrated into your Web site.

Phase 0. Make it real, create the Web site

Assigned 8/21/01; Due 8/30/01

The first thing to do is to create a project Web site. You must send me (in email) the URL for your Web site by midnight on August 30th. For now, focus on content, and don't worry about making your Web site flashy.

Your initial Web site must include

You will be adding to this Web site throughout the semester.