Other Hockey Tournaments

2002, Victoria

In January 2002, we took a team to Victoria, British Columbia to play in the Pacific Cup Tournament. The Canadian teams pretty much took it too us, but the beer was good (and cheap).

Top row, from left to right: Rollie Dobbs, Bob Winfield, Fred Wakeham, Buck Schreyer, Barney Maccabe
Bottom row: Walt Reardon, Chuck Pribyl, Rick Brovarney, Steve Thompson, Buck Schreyer's bother-in-law.
A spiffy picture of Albuquerque's 2002 Victoria Cup Team

2001, Las Vegas

In 2001, the Snoopy Tournament was canceled due to the death of Charles Shultz the previous year. A replacement tournament was held in Las Vegas that year.

Top row, from left to right: Don Templeton, Bob Winfield, Rich Olsen, Fred Wakeham, Barney Maccabe, Buck Schreyer, Tom McLellan
Winfield, Dave Cady, John Teahan
Bottom row: Steve Thompson, Len Connell, Bill Hinz, Mike Donahue, Mike Maccini, Walt Reardon
A spiffy picture of Albuquerque's 2001 Las Vegas Team

1995, Colorado

In early Spring, there is a tournament in southern Colorado. It used to be held in Colorado Springs, now it tends to be held in Pueblo. We don't usually take team pictures, but in 1995 we won the cup and decided that a pictures was in order.

Top row, from left to right: Mike Maccini's friend (from the Springs), Barney Maccabe, Rich Olsen, Dave Streetman, Fred Wakeham, Randy, Tim Donavan, Buck Schreyer, two more of Mike's friends
Bottom row: Mike Maccini, Tim Tokarski, Tom McLellan, Rick Brovarney, Chuck Pribyl, Rollie Dobbs, Walt Reardon
I don't know who the kid holding the trophy is.
A spiffy picture of Albuquerque's 1995 Colorado Cup Team

Barney Maccabe