- SUMMARY: there was no abuse except from the administrators of
  dronebl and the irc operators.  This is systematic Denial Of Serice
  to legitimate isp customers by adding them to blocklists, citing no
  evidence of abuse. The goal is to prevent users from accessing
  services directly but to force them to go through an intermediary
  service to get around the blocklist.  In the case of IRC - the same
  IRC security/networking cartel sponsoring Terrence Koeman, Alexander
  Maassen, also runs other network BNC VPN and cloud IRC services,
  which are monitored and metered. -- Users are forced to use these
  services because their direct access is blocked through blocklists,
  adding to cost, loss of privacy, -- the intermediary services also
  require the user to agree to the smallprint in their Terms of
  Services and policies which legally entails the user to give away
  his rights.

[Mon Apr 18 21:49:46 2016 -0600]
- dronebl record for 59.92/16 seems to be taken out. This had been
  added out of spite without any actual abuse from 59.92/16 on

[Tue Apr 19 07:14:00 2016 +0530]
- terrence koeman returns to efnet as raphidae
- d-lines on efnet servers, /kill

[Mon May  2 2016]
- /kill on efnet by terrence koeman, (2016-05-02 11:22:08 +0530)
- threat by alexander maassen (2016-05-02 17:36:28 +0530)

*OUTsider!~outsider@OUTsider.users.undernet.org(17:26)* dude, just fyi, if you continue, I will add AS9829 to the list
*OUTsider(17:26)* try to hide that from your bosses
*OUTsider(17:27)* I hope I made myself VERY clear

[Sun May  8 06:55:48 2016 +0530]
- CTCP QUERY from mt!mech@kokshark.techbandits.com to enometh content FUCKYOU
[Sun May 08 11:27:19 2016 -0600]
- dronebl website falsely lists that is not added to
  the dronebl database but DNS confirms it is added to
  the database. ( -