Examples that iterate through domain sizes.

mace2 -n2 -N6 -p < BOO032-1.in > BOO032-1.out

mace2 -n2 -N6 -p < CAT019-5.in > CAT019-5.out

mace2 -n2 -N6 -p < cd.in > cd.out

mace2 -N10 -p < kauer.in > kauer.out

mace2 -n2 -N6 -p < LAT025-1.in > LAT025-1.out

mace2 -n2 -N6 -p < LCL136-1.in > LCL136-1.out

mace2 -n2 -N6 -p < noncommutative_group.in > noncommutative_group.out

mace2 -N8 -p < noncommutive_ring1.in > noncommutive_ring1.out

mace2 -n2 -N6 -p < PUZ001-3.in > PUZ001-3.out

mace2 -n2 -N6 -p < RNG025-8.in > RNG025-8.out

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