L A K I N   L A B
Programmable Biology

University of New Mexico

The Lakin Lab for Programmable Biology works on the modeling, design, and experimental implementation of biomolecular computers and synthetic gene networks, and on their practical application to biomedical problems such as autonomous nanomedicine and pathogen detection. We are interested in elucidating design rules for engineered biological and biomolecular systems, and in the development of scalable architectures for biomolecular computing. We use biological and bio-inspired approaches to implement behaviors such as adaptation and learning in engineered systems. We also work on the semantics and implementation of domain-specific declarative programming languages and software tools for biological modeling and biodesign. We are part of the Department of Computer Science, Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering, and Center for Biomedical Engineering at the University of New Mexico.

Recent News

September 2021Dr. Lakin is co-editor of the proceedings of the DNA27 conference, now available online!

August 2021Dr. Lakin gives an invited talk as part of the Build-A-Cell virtual seminar series.

August 2021A new undergraduate student, Sameen Jawadi, joins the group. Welcome!

August 2021Dr. Lakin is Co-PI on a newly awarded grant: NSF grant 2124308: Toward lifelike synthetic cells via engineered control of DNA replication.

August 2021Dr. Lakin's book chapter on applications of DNAzymes in nanotechnology is published by Wiley.

July 2021Dr. Lakin gives an invited talk at the Synthetic Approaches to Biology and Artificial Intelligence (SB-AI) workshop, a satellite workshop of the 2021 ALIFE conference.

July 2021Dr. Lakin is Co-PI on a newly awarded grant: NSF grant 2123465: Synthetic P-bodies: Coupling gene expression and ribonucleoprotein granules in synthetic cell vesicles for sensing and response.

June 2021Sarika's paper on structure sampling for tethered DNA nanostructures is published online in Scientific Reports. Congratulations!

May 2021Dr. Lakin gives an invited talk at the 2021 International Conference on Engineering Synthetic Cells and Organelles.

May 2021Dr. Lakin receives the UNM School of Engineering Junior Faculty Research Excellence award!

March 2021Dr. Lakin's NSF CAREER award is featured on the UNM Newsroom website.

January 2021Dr. Lakin receives the NSF CAREER award! He is the PI of NSF grant 2044838: CAREER: Robust heterochiral molecular computing in mammalian cells. See the project website for more.

January 2021David's book chapter on nanoscale robotics is published by Wiley. Congratulations!

July 2020Dr. Lakin's review article on domain-specific languages for molecular computing is published online in ACS Synthetic Biology.

July 2020Tracy's paper on L-DNA molecular logic gates is published online in ACS Synthetic Biology. Congratulations!

June 2020Dr. Lakin is appointed as an Assistant Professor (by courtesy) in the UNM Department of Chemical & Biological Engineering.

June 2020Dr. Lakin is Co-PI on a newly awarded grant: NSF grant 2031774: Engineered, Smart, Nucleic Acid-Binding, Intrinsically Disordered Proteins to Enable Ubiquitous Detection of Viral Pathogens and Diagnosis.

June 2020A new undergraduate student, Jacob McCullough, joins the group. Welcome!

May 2020Group member Chris Fetrow graduates from UNM with a B.S. degree in Chemistry with Honors, and with a minor in Physics. Congratulations!

February 2020A new graduate student, Kaitlin Eversole, joins the group. Welcome!

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