L A K I N   L A B
Programmable Biology

University of New Mexico

The Lakin Lab for Programmable Biology works on the modeling, verification and experimental implementation of biomolecular computers and synthetic gene networks, and on their practical application to biomedical problems such as autonomous nanomedicine and pathogen detection. We are interested in elucidating design rules for engineered biological and biomolecular systems, and in the development of scalable architectures for biomolecular computing. We study the basis for biological and bio-inspired solutions to problems such as adaptation and learning. We also work on the semantics and implementation of domain-specific declarative programming languages for biological modeling, and on formal verification of scientific software. We are part of the Department of Computer Science and the Center for Biomedical Engineering at the University of New Mexico.

Recent News

March 2019 Dr. Lakin's paper on compartmentalizing molecular sensors in lipid vesicles is published online in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces.

December 2018 Group member, James Boney, graduates from UNM with an M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering. Congratulations!

November 2018 A new undergraduate student, Kelsie Herzer, joins the group. Welcome!

October 2018 Dr. Lakin's paper with collaborators from Microsoft Research on modeling molecular systems using logic programming is published online in ACS Synthetic Biology.

September 2018 Dr. Lakin's paper with the Lidke groups on super-resolution microscopy is published in PLOS ONE.

August 2018 Dr. Lakin is awarded a new grant as Co-PI: NSF grant 1843958: Programmable control of metabolism in synthetic cells using intrinsically disordered proteins.

August 2018 A new Ph.D. student, Sarika Kumar, joins the group. Welcome!

June 2018 The journal version of Dr. Lakin's DNA23 paper is published online in Natural Computing.

June 2018 Dr. Lakin is awarded a new grant as Co-PI: NSF grant 1763718: Biocompatible I/O interfaces for robust bioorthogonal molecular computing.

June 2018 Dr. Lakin is awarded a new grant as sole PI: NSF grant 1814906: Models and design tools for tethered molecular circuits.

May 2018 A new undergraduate student, Danielsen Moreno, joins the group for a summer project. Welcome!

May 2018 A new Masters student, James Boney, joins the group. Welcome!

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