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The Theory of Computation

Bernard M.E. Moret


I invite your comments on any aspect of the text. Let me know about any error you find, whether typographical, grammatical, or technical. Tell me about your overall experience with the text. Send me interesting solutions to problems as well as enlightening mistakes. Propose new problems. Give me a pointer to your own Web site for this material. Suggest improvements, revisions, etc., whether to the text or to this Web site.

I will keep a list of links to relevant Web sites in the "COMMENTS" page. I will add your suggested exercises to the list of additional exercises, any detailed solution to the list of selected solutions, any new solutions to the solutions manual, all with acknowledgment of your contribution. I will set up a list of useful mistakes -- mistakes that shed some light on a subtle point in the theory or point out some delicate aspect of a construction. As we work together on enriching the information stored here, we will make teaching and learning this material simpler, easier, more pleasant, and more rewarding for all.

How to do it? Send me email at moret@cs.unm.edu. If you have some large files (e.g., a Postscript file for some drawings), you can email them (if your mailer does not like large files, try uuencoding the file and breaking it into pieces); you can also upload them to the ftp server, under pub/incoming/moret.

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