CS 293 Social and Ethical Issues in Computing

Wednesdays 2:00–2:50 — CENT 1030

Prof. Patrick Gage Kelley

pgk @ cs.unm.edu
office: FEC (Farris) 301B
office hours:
     Tuesday 3:00 – 5:00 PM
     Wednesday 12:00 – 1:00 PM

Textbook: Sara Baase, A Gift of Fire, 3rd edition, Prentice Hall, 2007.

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Each week you will have to turn in a short written homework. Largely describing something you read, arguing against or for it, or answering a short prompt. These should be turned in, printed out, each Wednesday in class. These must also be posted to the course website, details to follow.

There will be one larger project which you will create a final written report for, and present to the class. The topic will be selected by you, and you will convince me it is of the write scope and related to the course. This project could be a book review, an original essay, an experimental study, a website, or something completely different.


You are expect to attend class, to have completed the assigned readings, and to participate in class discussion. If you must miss a class, please send me an email in advance. All assignments should be done individually.



Additional Readings

Aaron Swartz readings (borrowed from Liz Lawley)

Larry Lessig, legal scholar at Harvard, founder of Creative Commons: Prosecutor as Bully

Alex Stamos, the expert witness in Aaron's case: The Truth About Aaron Swartz's Crime

James Grimmelman, legal scholar at New York Law School:
Aaron Swartz, Was 26: http://laboratorium.net/archive/2013/01/12/aaron_swartz_was_26
Two for Aaron: http://laboratorium.net/archive/2013/01/14/two_for_aaron

Tim Wu in The New Yorker: Everyone Interesting is a Felon

danah boyd, social media scholar at Microsoft and NYU: processing the loss of Aaron Swartz

Harvard Business Review: "Aaron Swartz's "Crime" and the Business of Breaking the Law

Boston Globe: On humanity, a big failure in Aaron Swartz case
http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2013/01/15/humanity-deficit/bj8oThPDwzgxBSHQt3tyKI/story.html?s_campaign=sm_tw(may need to open an incognito window to view)

Tim Burke: Academe is Complicit

The Economist: Remembering Aaron Swartz

Remembering Aaron Swartz Tumblr

BoingBoing collecting articles