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Image Processing Library for MzScheme

The interface for the image processing library for MzScheme was directly derived from, and in many cases identical to, that of the primitive image data type and image processing extensions in UNM Scheme. UNM Scheme is an implementation of the Scheme programming language written by Professor Lance Williams of the University of New Mexico.

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Complex Number and Fourier Transform Library for Standard ML

This library contains a structure which implements a complex number type and associated functions, and a structure which implements both the standard Discrete Fourier Transform and the Cooley-Tukey Fast Fourier Transform, and their inverses, in one and two dimensions.

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Complex structure documentation
Fourier structure documentation

Image Processing Library for Standard ML

The interface for this library is loosely based on the interface for the image processing library for MzScheme. However, it has much more of a Standard ML "flavor". It was written to gain speed improvements over running in the MzScheme environment. This library requires the Complex Number and Fourier Transform library listed above.

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Image structure documentation

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