Rajkumar Pandi

Internet Privacy and Security researcher


I am currently a PhD student in Department of Computer Science at University of New Mexico. I am advised by Professor. Dr. Jedidiah R. Crandall. My research interests are focused on security, privacy, and internet censorship. Generally internet censorship in a country is performed by some devices that does filtering at granular level. Nowadays, the trend changed where the corporates are believed to be helping the government or obligated to volunteer for doing censorship in a country. It is a laborious task to differentiate whether censorship is done by the government, the ISP or by the corporate itself, and to verify the complicity between them. I am currently working to invent an approach to exactly identify who is performing the censorship.

Work Experience

Previous Projects

Project Name: Spiral of Silence on gathered Social Networking datasets

  • The project verified spiral of silence theory with a hypothesis claiming whether people are less likely to discuss about Snowden revelations on social sites based on their friends agree or disagree with them
  • The project also analyzed that how people willing to post things on Facebook based on the comments from friends whether they agree or disagree
  • The source code is availablehere

Project Name: Vector Based Dynamic Information Flow Tracking

  • The project located the source of cryptographic keys based only on information flow through the VDIFT, a system that aids reverse engineers to track information through indirect flows. This system uses vector of floating point values to avoid the problem of overtainting
  • Wrote make files for codes and compiled them using MinGW
  • Co-developed a VDIFT related IDA pro plugin for Windows
  • The paper is published at International conference "ARES 2016"

Project Name: WIM(Weight in motion) data analysis for pavement ME design

The project is funded and copyrighted by NMDOT(New Mexico Department of Transportation) under the supervision of Dr. Rafi Tarefder. Developed three sets of subroutines in C#.NET:
  • The first set is to check the quality of the classification data collected at WIM sites and also calculate the traffic inputs required in MEPDG (Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide)
  • The second set applied quality control to the weigh-in-motion data collected
  • The third set developed axle load spectra in a format compatible with MEPDG.