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CS 261
"Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science"
Spring 2019


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The class meets Tuesday and Thursday, 2:00-3:15 in Centennial Engineering Center B146A.


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Supplemental Lecture Slides

Proof by Induction notes by Jeff Erickson Recurrence Relations: Probability and Expectation Graphs




The course syllabus is here

Interesting and Useful Links

  • Logic Puzzles
  • The Barber Paradox in Set Theory aka Russell's Paradox
  • Chinese Remainder Theorem Description and Applet
  • Residue Number Systems are based on the Chinese Remainder Theorem and have applications in hardware and software for manipulating large numbers
  • Short discussion of history and idea behind RSA cryptography
  • Overview of some of the math behind RSA
  • History of PGP encryption, which is based on RSA . The author of this software was the target of a criminal investigation for ``munitions export without a license''.
  • Numb3rs Episode that describes RSA cryptography
  • Gallery of Network Images some cool real world graphs: high school dating networks, the internet, power grids, etc.
  • CS261 Taught in Summer of 2005 by Joe Castellanos (Check out the applet that finds the GCD of two number using Euclid's algorithm)
  • The original and the updated Theoretical Computer Science Cheat Sheet
  • The Stony Brook Algorithm Repository
  • Theoretical CS on the Web