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Contact Info for Instructor and TA, office hours, assignments, tests, and general information is all on the course web page.

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the formal mathematical concepts of computer science for the beginning student. Topics include logic, set theory, deduction, induction, number theory, algorithmic processes and basic graph theory.


Our text is Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications by Kenneth Rosen.


Math-162L (Calculus I) and CS-152L (Computer Programming Fundamentals).


The homeworks will be challenging and will be where you do much of your learning. Start early!!! Even spending 10 minutes reading all the problems will prime your brain to start working on them. Some additional information:

Notes on Grading Hws

Your hws and test answers should have the following properties. We will be looking for these when we grade:


You should read the material in the textbook before we cover it in class. The class material will be challenging and the class pace will be fast - you will get lost very quickly if you come into the classes unprepared. Topics will likely include (total weeks in the semester is roughly 15)

Course Assessment

Approximate weighting:

Grading Policies

"No deals, Mr. Bond.": Grades assigned at the end of the semester are final. You will not be able to do any additional projects, papers, etc. to change your grade.