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CS 361 "Data Structures and Algorithms"
Spring 2003


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Final Exam

The final exam will be Tuesday, May 13th from 7:30am-9:30am in our regular classroom.


Group's have been assigned according to information from the pretest. You are strongly encouraged to work with your group on each homework assignment, although the solutions must be written up individually. The project component of the course will completely be done in groups.

Please contact the other members of your group as soon as possible. Email addresses of each group member are given after the person's name. In most cases, the full address will be If the person is from the ece dept, the address will be If you still can not contact a group member, send email to the cs361 mailing list to track them down.

If there is a problem with your group assignment, (e.g. you find it impossible to work with others in your group, many students in your group drop the class, etc), please send email to Prof. Saia or talk to him before or after class or via email.

Group assignments are here

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Slides from Lectures:

Note: Most of the material in these notes, including many examples and figures are from Jeff Erickson's class notes for CS373 at the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne


The course syllabus is located here

Previous Classes

Annihilator Notes

Following are notes from three lectures on Annihilators at the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne. Much of my discussion in class is a condensed version of these lectures.

Animations and Data Structure Resources