Book, CD and DVD trading

Executive Summary

If you have books, CDs and/or DVDs that you're tired of and you would like to trade them for something fresh... then I highly recommend www.swapadvd.com for DVD trading, www.paperbackswap.com for book trading, and www.swapacd.com for CDs. These sites have a lot of items available at all times, lots of active members who have recently-released stuff to trade, and excellent user interfaces. Tell them I sent you.


Detailed Version

I use www.paperbackswap.com for trading books, and its sister sites www.swapadvd.com for trading DVDs and www.swapacd.com for CDs. I know there are a lot of trading sites on the Internet but these, particularly PaperBackSwap.com, are the best in my opinion. The reason I think they are the best is I can trade books, DVDs, and CDs that are just gathering dust on my shelves (or that I find at garage sales) for others that are new to me and I can do so for the cost of shipping. That's it. No membership fee, no hidden fees, no B.S. Not only that, but they give you free credits just for joining the site. As soon as you post 10 items that you are willing to trade, you'll receive a free instant credit (2 in the case of PaperBackSwap.com) to go shopping with. Furthermore, you can move credits between the sites which means you can swap CDs for DVDs or books, or books for CDs or... you get the idea...

Ok, but what do credits cost? Well, you can purchase credits of course (these make great stocking stuffers BTW) but the sites really want people to post stuff not just request stuff. So purchased credits cost more than those earned through trading. That makes sense to me.

Yeah but its all old stuff right? Wrong. You can get in the queue for things that have just been published too (and in fact for things that have not yet been published). You may have to wait a while for another member to purchase it new, enjoy it and post it but that's the beauty of the Wish List - just set it and forget it. When someone posts an item and you are next in the queue you'll receive an email asking if you still want it. If so just login, make sure you have enough credits to request it and click the button to have it to shipped to you. Soon you'll receive confirmation that it was shipped by the other member. Also, if the other person chose to get instant credit for their shipment then you'll also be able to track the item as it makes its way through the postal system to your house.

I have so far received more than 100 books, 10 CDs and 10 DVDs and more are on the way. When you are logged in you can check my profile to get exact numbers if you are interested. I can't recommend these sites highly enough.

Start trading today!

Feel free to send me an email if you have questions about my experience with the sites or ones that aren't answered on the various site FAQs.