One fun variant of my interest in marble runs is building marble races. Marble races are a lot more complex to build and film because the track has to be fair and the video has to be clost. My older marble races were build with MarbleWorks by DiscoverToys but more recently I've been using wooden train tracks. It can take days to build a good marble race and hours of filming over and over to get an exciting race. I've shot as many as 75 takes to get what I wanted from a complex layout. If you like my marble races you can see more in my race playlist on youtube.
Down the stairs
This is one of my longest marble races. I built it on the stairway. Note that there are multiple routes for the marbles to follow.
In this stairway marble race I also make use of iCoaster marble run parts to have a variation in the action.
Wooden marble race tracks
Here's a marble race built with wooden train tracks.
This is a relay race.
Clinton Sheppard