Speed Math Lessons

``The number you have dialed is imaginary. Please divide by zero and try again.'' -- Unidentified

The following is a rewrite and reorganization of math multiplication lessons I initially presented to friends, please take a few moments to review them for errors, inconsistencies, or areas you think need improvement.

===== Multiplication =====

This short course is designed to teach the reader an alternative multiplication system to the one they may have learned in school (that being rote memorization of the "times tables," most likely resulting in areas of more and less confidence in their ability) and its application.

This system has been designed with the overall goal of making it possible for the student to confidently multiply any size number by from between one and twelve without having to carry any value higher than two. It is aimed at making it possible for students whose knowledge of mathematics includes only addition, doubling, and subtraction to solve complicated multiplication problems.

Therefore, the lessons are organized such that each presents you with only one new step for solving each new problem, building up from the simple to the somewhat more complex (combinatory) rules for solving any sized multiplication problem.

the value of the "tens" place of the number you intend next to write in the solution area. In this system of multiplication, the "carry" will never be larger than a 2.
a simplified half, throw out fractions. (ex. half of 5 is 2), this is only done when multiplying by 3,4,5,6 or 7... as you will see.
the value to be multiplied.
the value by which to multiply.
the digit of the multiplicand which is to the right of the "number" (see below), if there is no neighbor then this is zero.
when working right to left to achieve the product, this is the digit of the multiplicand under which the next digit of the solution is to be written; if there is no digit in this position, then treat it like a zero.
the answer to a multiplication problem.

Another excellent source for younger learners is the School House Rock lessons .