The Battlemaster

89-12-07, 01-10-29
He was old
for one of his kind
and had many fond memories
of his youth...
the adventure, the Hunt,
battles of honor...
and pain
Especially the pain...
that's all he had left
in the end.
His body was not as agile
as it used to be
and the younger Ones
wanted a Battlemaster
of their own generation.
So he left on a Hunt -
he knew
that his time had come.
Accompanied by few others
mostly old-timers -
his friends...
they understood.
With his honor intact
he left rather than
Another Battlemaster soon...
one of the youngsters
would take his place.
Yare - his body whole but scarred
would die alone
a legend in his own time...
© Copyright 1989, 2001 Sheppard <sheppard @ cs.unm.edu> Contact the author for publication permission.