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Digital Cemetery Project

Below is a list of the Williamson County cemeteries that I know of that have been transcribed onto the Internet. The goal of this project is to preserve marker information for future generations. The data is organized to help you quickly locate the graves and information for your relatives in Williamson County.

Please don't hesitate contact me if you have a transcription, map, or image(s) to contribute to the project. I'd also be interested to know of external transcriptions that need linking here or if any of the current links are broken. Finally, please let me know how I can improve the site. Thanks!

Update History
  • 2011-01-30 - add link to Pond Springs Cemetery Blog
  • 2010-07-31 - add Oxley
  • 2009-10-24 - merge in Stockton Cemetery transcription and images provided by Doug Stockton
  • 2009-02-14 - add links to cemeteries transcribed by the Williamson County Genealogical Socity (wcgs)
  • 2008-08-16 - add Brethren, Georgetown Citizens Memorial Garden, Palm Valley Cemeteries
  • 2008-02-22 - add Georgetown IOOF Cemetery (old section)
  • 2007-11-04 - update Macedonia Cemetery data and add images
  • 2007-10-24 - add Old Georgetown Cemetery
  • 2007-09-16 - update Calvary Cemetery data and add images
  • 2006-11-12 - add Presbyterian Cemetery
  • 2006-10-01 - update New Hope Cemetery data and add images
  • 2006-09-21 - add Bagdad, Denson, Hopewell (Liberty Hill), Huddleston, Machu, Miller II, and Perry Cemeteries
  • 2006-09-16 - update Brizendine Cemetery data and add images
  • 2005-08-07 - add Berry's Creek, Farmer, Lawler, and Our Lady of the Rosary Cemeteries
  • 2005-07-10 - update Fore Cemetery data and add images
  • 2005-07-05 - add Corn Hill, Land, and Holy Trinity Cemeteries
  • 2005-06-19 - update Davis Cemetery data and add images
  • 2005-04-10 - update Jolly Cemetery data and add images
  • 2004-05-29 - update Cedar Park Cemetery data and images
  • 2003-10-11 - add Champion Cemetery
  • 2003-06-28 - add Evangelical Lutheran Zions (Walburg), and Stockton Family
  • 2003-06-11 - update Champion Cemetery data and add images donated by J H Franks
  • 2003-06-08 - add Beaukiss, Calvary, Davis, Gilreath, Hilltop Baptist, Hopewell (Round Rock), Hutto, and Zions Lutheran (Sandoval)
  • 2003-04-12 - add Evangelical Free, Hutto Lutheran, New Bern, New Calvary, St. Peter's (Walburg), and Wuthrich Hill
  • 2003-03-02 - add Jonah, Kimbro, Ramseur-Stiles, Round Rock, Union Hill, and Weir
  • 2003-01-20 - add CR 137, Macedonia, Rhodes, St. John's, St. Peter's (Copeland), Type, Whitley-Yoes, and Williams-Buck
  • 2002-12-29 - add New Hope, Rocky Hollow, San Jose, Saul, Shiloh, and Wesley Chapel
  • 2002-12-15 - add Fore and Las Tres Marias
  • 2002-08-18 - add Brizendine, Gabriel Mills, and Mather
  • 2002-08-10 - add Liberty Hill
  • 2002-08-04 - add Bittick
  • 2001-07-01 - add Cedar Park, Hunt, Jolly, McRae Family, and Minnick
  • 2000-11-23 - Pond Springs
In addition to the above cemeteries we have recorded the markers in the following Williamson County cemeteries and are in the process of transcribing the data for presentation on the web.
Andice, Beard, and Georgetown Memorial
In addition to the above cemeteries we have located but not recorded the markers in the following cemeteries due to their being on private property. If you have legal access to these cemeteries please consider contributing images and/or a transcription
  • Allen-McNutt Cemetery - sw of Hutto
  • Metzler
  • McCutcheon/Shiloh
  • McNeil
  • Queen
  • Salyer-Millard
  • note: as of Sep 2006 Bittick has Private Property signs posted
    Attempted but not found
    In addition to the above cemeteries we have made a concerted effort to locate the following cemeteries but have been unable to find them. Please contact me if you can provide detailed driving instructions for any of these.
    • Bower Cemetery - west of Shiloh
    • Bullion Cemetery - east of Hunt Cemetery
    • Cedar Break / Cedar Grove / Miller I Cemetery - nw Leander
    • Chapman Cemetery - east of McNeil
    • Christ Church Cemetery - Liberty Hill
    • Commanche Peak / McFadin Cemetery- ne of Taylor
    • Cooke Cemetery - west of Shiloh
    • Everta/Garner Cemetery- east of Hare
    • Green Cemetery- nnw of Georgetown
    • Gardner Cemetery- nw of Taylor
    • Gordon Cemetery- east of Hare
    • Gravel Hill - east of Florence
    • Hanks Hollow Cemetery- north of Thorndale
    • Kanuth Cemetery- east of Corn Hill
    • "Mexican" Cemetery - west of Hare
    • "Mexican" Cemetery - north of Thorndale
    • Patrick Cemetery- nnw of Georgetown
    • Robbins Cemetery- east of Walburg
    • "Unidentified" Cemetery - sw of Hutto
    • Unnamed Cemetery near the northeast corner of CR 110 (Westinghouse Rd) and CR 111 - Round Rock
    • Upchurch Cemetery - ne of Leander
    • Valley Cemetery- ne of Taylor
    • Wells Cemetery - ne of Leander
    • Wilson Springs Cemetery- nw of Taylor
    Cemeteries in other counties
    Periodically we happen upon and photograph an interesting cemetery in another county. The data in those we've transcribed is accessible from the links below.
  • New Energy Cemetery, Houston county, TX - photographed in 2008
  • South San Gabriel Cemetery, Burnet county, TX - photographed in 2005
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