SSL Collaborators

Partner Institutions

The SSL collaborates with a wide range of other labs, centers, and institutes, both inside and outside of UNM. Inside UNM, our primary collaborations are with the UNM Data Science Lab and the UNM Center for Advanced Research Computing. Outside of UNM, we frequently collaborate with researchers at the national labs and their associated institutions, including:

In addition, we collaborate with a number of academic research partners, including:

  • Peter Dinda at Northwestern University
  • Jack Lange at the University of Pittsburgh
  • David Lowenthal at the University of Arizona
  • Karsten Schwan at Georgia Tech
  • Stephen Scott at Tennessee Tech
  • Tony Skjellum at Auburn University
Finally, we also work with a wide range of industry partners, including researchers at Intel, Cray, Oracle (formerly Sun).

Research Funding

SSL research is funded from a wide range of sources, including the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science, the National Science Foundation, the various DOE National Labortories, and our various corporate collaborators.