Performance Optimization of LANL Multi-Physics Applications

Optimizing Fluid Dynamics Codes for Intel Xeon Phi Systems

Contact: Keira Haskins (; Donald Kruse (; Bob Robey (; Patrick G. Bridges (

UNM and Los Alamos National Laboratory are collaborating on the optimization of a variety of multi-physics HPC application for modern computer architectures. For example, UNM, and the U.S. Forest Service are collaborating in Higrad/Firetec, a physics-based forest fire propagation simulation code. We are examining this code on UNM capacity clusters and GPU clusters such as Xena provide an initial testing and evaluation platform for correctness checking of optimizations to the open (i.e. non-export controlled) code before deploying to larger LANL systems for additional performance testing.

A New Method for Modeling Shockwaves in Hydrodynamics Applications

Contact: Nick Abel (; Bob Robey (; Patrick G. Bridges (

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