We expect UNM SSL students to partcipate actively in research group activities, both to learn from their fellow students and from lab faculty, and to help other lab members learn. Conducting cutting edge computer science research is challenging, and is best learned and conducted as part of a community.

More specifically, we expect that students will:

  • Meeting regularly, generally at least weekly, with their faculty advisor or other mentor.
  • Work on campus in their provided office space during roughly regular business hours, for example 9am to 5pm during weekdays. Obviously there is flexibility in this, particularly with students interning at nearby labs or corporations, but if students and faculty aren't in the lab for significant amounts of overlapping time, it is much more difficult to collaborate and learn from each other.
  • Attend weekly group research meetings, updating the group on their progress and providing suggestions and advise to other group members as appropriate.
  • Participate actively in lab reading group to increase their knowledge of general systems topics. This includes reading the paper prior to meetings, contributing to discussions of papers, and presenting papers to the group under the guidance of their advisor.