Slaney's Logic F** is Constructive Logic
with Strong Negation
(Web Support)

Matthew Spinks and Robert Veroff

September 2009

This page provides Web support for

Slaney's Logic F** is Constructive Logic with Strong Negation [3].
In particular, we present here proofs that were found with the assistance of the program Prover9 [1].


In [2], Slaney et al. introduced a little-known deductive system F** in connection with the problem of the indeterminacy of future contingents. The main result of this paper shows that, to within definitional equivalence, F** has a familiar description: it is precisely Nelson's constructive logic with strong negation [4].

Prover9 Proofs

For each proof, we include input, output, proof and xml files created as follows.

prover9 -f > file.out

prooftrans -f file.out >

prooftrans xml -f file.out > file.xml

We note that these essentially are proof-checking runs, since they include steps from previously found proofs as hints. The original proofs were found using the method of proof sketches [5]. In particular, our approach was to find derivations with extra assumptions included as input; the resulting derivations in turn were used as proof sketches to help Prover9 find the desired proofs.



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