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tkisem finally works under Windows '95!

Here's what you need to do (Eventually, I'll build something that does an "official" installation. For now, you get the joy of touching lots of files.):

  1. Make sure you have installed wish4.1. To obtain wish4.1, see the Tcl/Tk Home Page.

    Actually, it doesn't appear that you can get version 4.1 through the Web pages (at least, I can't find it anymore). But, luckily version 4.1 is still available through anonymous ftp.

    1. ftp to
    2. cd to pub/tcl/tcl7_5
    3. binary
    4. get win41p1.exe
    One of these days, I'll get around to making a tkisem.dll that works with wish 4.2.
  2. Pick a directory where you will put the files associated with tkisem. (For Windows '95, I suggest \Program Files\tkisem\lib.)
  3. Get the files needed for tkisem (these files should go in the directory selected in the previous step):
  4. Edit the tkisem file to reflect the locations of these files. (Make sure that you use '/' and not '\' in the path name.)
  5. To run tkisem under Windows '95, run wish41 with the pathname of tkisem as an argument (you can also install a shortcut). For Windows 3.1, see how they run the widget tour for Tcl/Tk.
  6. Get executable files for the assembler and linker (these files should go into a directory that is mentioned in your DOS PATH): Warning: isem-ld and isem-nm were written in a couple of days (they were not derived from the GNU binutils distributions). They should be considered "alpha" software. The versions above are current as of 10/14/96.

If you have problems with any of this software, send mail to

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