Rory L. P. McGuire

I received my Master of Science in Computer Science, with distinction, from the University of New Mexico Department of Computer Science in Spring of 2007. I received my BS in CS, summa cum laude, from UNM in Spring of 2005, with a minor in Russian language.

I currently work for Tesla Motors.
I previously worked for Apple, Inc., VanDyke Software, RSA Security, and Motorola Cellular.

Master's Thesis: Automated Quality Assurance of Plain Radiographs

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My research was in computational medicine, specifically radiological image processing. My advisor was Professor Shuang (Sean) Luan of the UNM CS Department. My committee members were Professor Philip H. Heintz of the UNM Health Sciences Center Department of Radiology, and Professor Lance Williams of the UNM CS Department, with help from Professor Terran Lane of the UNM CS Department.

Functional Programming Language Libraries

Through a course in image processing and an independent study with Professor Lance Williams, I developed image processing libraries for MzScheme and Standard ML, including complex number and Fourier Transform libraries for Standard ML. The libraries and documentation can be found here.

Other Research

As my undergraduate honors thesis, I researched Privacy Protecting Data Mining with Professor Terran Lane, with the help of Professors Jared Saia and Cris Moore of the UNM CS Department, and Professor Michael Nakamaye of the UNM Department of Mathematics and Statistics. I derived a number-theoretic approach to calculating the scalar product (a.k.a. dot product or inner product) of two vectors without exposing either of the vectors.

Graphical Implementations of Data Structures

Through an independent study with Professor Cris Moore I developed graphical implementations of a 2-3-4 Tree and a Union-Find Structure.


Personal Information

Born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, I graduated from Albuquerque Academy in 1995. From 1995 to 1997, I attended the University of Oklahoma, pursuing a BS in CS with a minor in Mathematics, and a BA in Russian Language. In 1997, I put my degrees on hold and worked as a software engineer and system administrator until returning to Albuquerque and UNM in 2003. My wife Jessica & I currently reside in Albuquerque, NM with our son & daughter, and several pets.

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