Elena Delgado

PhD Student

Tapia Lab - Department of Computer Science

Mailing address:

Mail stop: MSC01 1100
1 University of New Mexico
University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001 USA


Office: 3400A Farris
Fax: 505.277.6927

Elena Delgado joined the Tapia Lab in May of 2017. Previously she had done biological wet lab research but decided that branch of the field was not her cup of tea, so began taking introductory programming classes and shifted into the computational side of biology. After receiving a BS in Biochemistry from UNM in May 2018, she continued in the lab as a graduate student in Computer Science. Her general research interests include immunological modeling, protein folding and synthesis, and bioinformatics within genomics. She also enjoys educational outreach and teaching, as well as 3D printing.

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