Computational Geometry

Faculty Members

Dr. Lydia Tapia


Dr. Satomi Sugaya

Graduate Students

Hao-Tien Chiang
John Baxter
Mohammed Yousefi


Dr. Alexandra Faust

Related Projects

Code & Other

Swept Volume
Geometry Scripts

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Publications & Papers

  • Hao-Tien Chiang, John Baxter, Satomi Sugaya, Mohammad R. Yousefi, Aleksandra Faust, Lydia Tapia, "Fast Deep Swept Volume Estimator", In IEEE International Journal of Robotics Research, To Appear, 2021.(pdf)

  • John Baxter, Mohammad R. Youssefi, Satomi Sugaya, Marco Morales, Lydia Tapia, "Deep Prediction of Swept Volume Geometries: Robots and Resolutions", In Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and System (IROS), pp. 6665-6672, Las Vegas, NV, USA, Oct. 2020.(pdf)