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Japan - Spring Break 2005

For Spring Break 2005, I flew to Japan with the intention of exploring my first country from the Asian continent. Destinations were Tokyo, Kyoto and Miyazaki; friend Chris Salzberg, whom I met at the Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School in June 2003 is getting his PhD from U. Tokyo in artificial life, while friend Jenn Louie is in her final year of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program based in Miyakonojo on the southern island of Kyushu. Jenn leaves Japan at the end of the summer, so I decided I'd better go while I had multiple friends in the country.

As with most of my travels, I took an annoyingly large number of pictures, most of which are available here. Enjoy, and stop by the blog entries to read about my adventures.

Tokyo: capitol and megatropolis [blog entry]

Tuna auctions, Tokyo Fish Market

Chopping block, Tokyo Fish Market

Slicing tuna, Tokyo Fish Market

Destined for sushi, Tokyo Fish Market

Sue and Ann, new friends, Tokyo Fish Market

'ema', at the Shrine

Akihabara Confucian Shrine

Myojin Shrine entrance, Akihabara

Traditional Japanese wedding at Myojin, Akihabara

Bride and groom of wedding, Myojin in Akihabara

Tokyo National Museum, behind Ueno Station

Bronze fish, Tokyo National Museum

Samurai armor, Tokyo National Museum

Eagle drawing on screen, Tokyo National Museum

A very large lantern, Senso-ji Asakusa

Crowded main square, Senso-ji Asakusa

Wafting smoke for good luck, Senso-ji Asakusa

Five story pagoda, Senso-ji Asakusa

Five story pagoda (closer), Senso-ji Asakusa

Offering box (also for good luck), Senso-ji Asakusa

Touristy shopping avenue near Senso-ji in Asakusa

Harajuku girls, and me

Harajuku boys

Harajuku shopping avenue

Harajuku weirdness

More Harajuku weirdness

Main square of Shibuya

Tokyo skyline detail

Tokyo city panorama from one of many skyscrapers

Philadelphia in... Tokyo

Mecca... er, the Tokyo Applestore

Friend Chris Salzberg



Kyoto: historic center and shrine city [blog entry]

Choin-in main entrance

Sub-shrine in Choin-in

Calligraphy class, Choin-in

Colorful Buddhist statute, Choin-in

Temple bell

Dragon washing fountain

In case of earthquake (a public notice)

Traditional Japanese grave

Main square, Japanese Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Shrine to Allied soldiers, Japanese Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Names of Allied soldiers who perished, Japanese Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Random five story pagoda

Entrance building at Kiyomizu-dera complex

Cherry blossom season, Kiyomizu-dera

School group at Kiyomizu-deras

One of the many buddhas, Kyomizu-dera

Main temple building, Kiyomizu-dera

Kind of like fortune cookies, Kyomizu-dera

Explanation of 'ema', Kyomizu-dera

The love stones, Kiyomizu-dera

Kiyomizu-dera skyline

Buddha with hat, Kiyomizu-dera

Fountain of long life, Kyomizu-dera

Random temple

Random shrine in the middle of urban concrete jungle

To-ji gardens and pagoda

To-ji pagoda and me

Hostel friends

School group enjoying the cherry blossoms

Entrance to Nijo-jo

Nijo-jo skyline: sky, mountain, city, castle

Nijo-jo moat

Rosa on Mt. Hiei

Mt. Hiei and me

French impressionism... on Mt. Hiei

Main temple building at Enryaku-ji, Mt. Hiei

Monument to some ambassador, Enryaku-ji Mt. Hiei

Sushi bar

Ryoin-ji bridge over untroubled waters

Ryoin-ji Zen fountain

Famous Ryoin-ji rock garden

Not-so-peaceful, Ryion-ji

Meditative, Ryion-ji

Kinkaku-ji in the sunlight

Kinkaku-ji again

Kinkaku-ji and me

Offerings to Buddha, Kinkaku-ji

Shinkansen to Beppu

Kyushu, mountains and onsen [blog entry]

Kagoshima, volcano

Kagoshima onsen

Aoshima coastline

Rice paddy reflection

Picturesque Japanese cloud enshrouded valley

When love hotels meet Engrish

Chou-hi and me, at Joyfull (a diner)

Devil's Washboard, Aoshima

Aoshima island and me

Aoshima island shrine

Cave shrine main entrance

Cave shrine, side arches

Cave shrine, looking down

Cave shrine

If you get a pellet in the puddle, luck for having children

Jenn throws at the puddle

Shidax, the 24-hour karaoke palace

Karoako #1

Karaoke #2

Karaoke #3

Karaoke #4

Karaoke #5

Karaoke #6

Young archers receive blessing, Festival/Archery Competition

Adults prepare, Festival/Archery Competition

The procession before the competition

Elder archer (note the hat)

Cherry blossom-lined track

Elder archer run #1

Elder archer run #2

Journeyman archer run #1

Apprentice archer run #1

Apprentice archer run #2

Archer run movie #1

Archer run movie #2

Archer run movie #3

Jenn, me and the cherry blossoms

Kojima island, home of very smart monkeys

Shore by Kojima island

Kurakowa onsen lobby

Kurakowa, on the Black River

Onsen passes, hung at the shrine for good luck

Cuddly Dominion, Kyushu

Random Japanese oversized cuteness




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