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: I take a lot of pictures. Some grouped here un-themed and themed. Click through for full listings.

New Mexico Pics [142]

Pictures from my time in New Mexico while a PhD student. These include photos from various photogenic activities (and not of things like doing research!) - click through for a full listing.

Terry and Sasha
Sandia Panorama
White Sands Panorama
2002 Balloon Fiesta
Santa Fe Sunset


Travel [300]

Traveling is easily one of my favorite activities - it keeps me sane and from becoming complacent with my current surroundings, not to mention reinforcing a state of wonder at how big, beautiful and diverse this planet is. Click through for a full listing. The trips I've taken in the past few years include hiking the Grand Canyon twice, driving 6000 miles in a circuit around the U.S., two weeks backpacking in France, a scuba diving trip to Belize, and most recently 10 days in Japan.

Aaron Shooting


Santa Fe Institute - Complex Systems Summer School 2003 [34]

I have almost 1000 pictures from the Santa Fe Institute's (SFI) Complex System Summer School (CSSS) 2003, but I've been slow at getting more than the first few online. I also have a 20 minute slideshow I put together for the final banquet that may eventually become publically available. Click through for the very partial listing.

Doyne Fighting
House Dance
Patio People
Singing Group


Europe '02 Pics [249]

During the summer of 2002, I solo-backpacked across Europe. Beginning in Edinburgh Scottland and ending in Turkey. Included are a set of nine emails I wrote from the road about my experiences, along with almost 250 pictures I took over the two months I was traveling.

Blue Mosque
Istanbul Cistern
Cinque Terre
Edinburgh Bagpipe
London Underground
Louvre Artist
Riomaggiore Harbor
Rose Valley
Selcuk Gravestones
Vatican Square


Random photographs that don't seem to belong in any of the subcategories listed below.



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