Structure & Strangeness


Meeting Schedule, Spring 2005
3:30pm - 4:30pm, Thursdays, FEC141
Date Topic Speaker(s) Reading(s)
January, 20th

no meeting

(none) --
January, 27th

Representation Theory

Doug --
February, 3rd

no meeting


February, 10th

Two Ongoing Projects

Aaron C. --
February, 17th

Rapid mixing in sampling k-colorings of graphs

Cris --
February, 24th

Open problem about There-and-Back-Again

Jared --
March, 3rd

Balanced Greedy Colorings of Sparse Random Graphs

Fredrik --
March, 10th no meeting (none) --
March, 17th (Spring Break - no meeting) (none) --
March, 24th no meeting (none) --
March, 31st no meeting (none) --
April, 7th no meeting (none) --
April, 14th no meeting (none) --
April, 21st no meeting (none) --
April, 28th no meeting (none) --
May, 5th


Aaron D. --


Pending Topics
-- -- --


Lab Books
Computers & Intractability Garey & Johnson
Generatingfunctionology Herbet S. Wilf


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Lab Membership (12)
Dr. Cris Moore fec335 moore
Dr. Jared Saia fec301H saia
Dr. Fredrik Mann SNL SNL nfmann (sandia)
Iching Chang Jared ? iching
Aaron Clauset Cris fec337 aaron
Aaron Denney Cris/Physics ? denney (unm)
Haixia Jia Cris fec342 hjia
Scott Lewis Jared fec337 csl
Vishal Sanwalani Cris fec342 vishal
Doug Strain Cris fec337 doug.strain (gmail)
Max Young Jared fec341 young


Meeting Schedule, Fall 2004
2:00pm - 3:00pm, Fridays, FEC141
Date Topic Speaker(s) Reading(s)
August, 27th


-- --
September, 3rd

Graph Colorability via the Second Moment Method

Cris --
September, 10th

Selecting a Random Peer from a DHT


September, 17th

Hiding satisfying assignments: Two are better than one

Haixia the paper
September, 24th

Finding Community Structure

Aaron Clauset preprint
October, 1st

Discussion of the details of academia (writing papers, getting them accepted, fellowships, post-docs, faculty jobs, etc.)

Group --
October, 8th

Towards Reducing the Communication Overhead in Byzantine Agreement

Florina --
October, 15th Fall Break (no meeting) (none) --
October, 22th Predicting the outcomes of parallel graph coloring algorithms Fredrik --
October, 29th no meeting -- --
November, 5th Quantum Stabilizers Aaron Denney reference 1
reference 2
November, 12th Numerical approximations for Shroedinger's equation Doug --
November, 19th DAG Meeting Jared --
November, 26th Thanksgiving Break (no meeting) (none) --
December, 3rd Looking at Cancer Radiation Therapy Max --
December, 10th

The Asymptotics of the Partition Function

Vishal --


Meeting Schedule, Spring 2004
3:00 - 4:00pm, Fridays, FEC141
Date Topic Speaker(s) Reading(s)
January, 23rd

Grover's Algorithm, organizational

Max --
January, 30th

Can Entropy Characterize Performance of Online Algorithms?


Can Entropy Characterize Performance of Online Algorithms?
February, 6th

Maximum agreement subtrees

Tanya Analogs & Duals of the MAST Problem for Sequences & Trees
February, 13th

something interesting

Cris --
February, 20th

no meeting

-- --
February, 27th

Traceroute sampling and observed power-laws in networks

Aaron preprint
March, 5th Choosing a random peer in a distributed hash table(DHT) Jared --
March, 12th DAG meeting (cancelled) -- --
March, 19th no meeting (spring break) -- --
March, 26th Weak Byzantine Agreement Problem Florina --
April, 2nd From Glassy Systems to Hard Random SAT Formulas Haixia --
April, 9th Euler's Solution to the Basel Problem Vishal --
April, 16th Searching for optimal paths in long-range contact networks Emmanuelle Lebhar preprint
April, 23rd no meeting -- --
April, 30th

DAG meeting (4-5pm)

-- --



Meeting Schedule, Fall 2003
3:00 - 5:00pm, Fridays, FEC141
Date Topic Speaker(s) Reading(s)
August, 22nd

organizational, some topics

Cris, Jared --
August, 29th

Random Geometric Sector Graphs

Open Topic: Solution-Clusters in 3SAT



September, 5th

Enforcing Rules in a P2P Environment with Informer Sets

Scott, Jared see handouts
September, 12th

3SAT Backtracking Algorithms: recent results

Cris, Haixia Chps 1-3 of Generating- functionology
September, 19th

Majority Preserving Graphs

Florina --
September, 26th

How Do Networks Become Navigable?
[note: we will meet in fec145 (ChemNu conf room)]

Aaron 1. paper preprint
2. "The Small-World Phenomenon", J. Kleinberg
October, 3th Something - maybe quantum computing or Cris --
October, 10th An interesting online algorithm Jared --
October, 17th no meeting (fall break) -- --
October, 24th Byzantine Generals Problem, a redux Scott --
October, 31st Open Discussion; Slips of Paper puzzle -- --
November, 7th Bits and Pieces - short meeting -- --
November, 14th Phase Space Reconstruction of Time Series Data Aaron 1. Takens Embedding Theorem
2. basic material on mathematical chaos
November, 21st Generating Functions; introduction and applications Haixia, Cris, Jared --
November, 28th no meeting (thanksgiving break) -- --
December, 5th DAG Meeting -- --
December, 12th no meeting -- --



Meeting Schedule, Spring 2003
2:00 - 4:00pm, Thursdays, outside FEC335
Date Topic Speaker(s) Reading(s)
January, 23rd

organizational, generating functions primer

-- Generatingfunctionology
January, 30th

integer partitioning and belief propagation

Haixia 1. SAT Survey Propagation
2. The Easiest Hard Problem, Brian Hayes
3. The Number Partitioning Problem, Stephan Martens
February, 6th

Semidefinite Programming

Tanya 1. F.Alizadeh, "Interior point methods in semidefinite programming with applications to combinatorial optimization"
2. L. Vendenberghe and S. Boyd, "*Semidefinite programming"
3. D.Williamson and M.Goemans, "Improved approximations algorithms for the maximum cut and satisfiability problems"
February, 13th

1st & 2nd moment methods

Vishal, Cris 1. The Probabilistic Method 2. The Asymptotic Order of the k-SAT Threshold
February, 20th

small world surfers (self-organizing networks)

Aaron 1. "The Small-World Phenomenon", J. Kleinberg
2. current research
February, 27th game AI/search trees Qian 1. Amazon AI Algorithm
2. A Review of Game Tree Pruning
March, 6th no meeting -- --
March, 13th Combinatorial Games Cris --
March, 20th no meeting (spring break) -- --
March, 27th Stochastic search (SAT and Genetic Algorithms) Haixia, Aaron --
April, 3rd differential equations Group, Cris 1 . Lower Bounds for Random 3-SAT via Differential Equations
2. Threshold Phenomena in Random Graph Coloring and Satisfiability
April, 10th recent 3-SAT Stuff Cris  
April, 17th random walks, mixing processes and Markov chains Cris  
April, 24th      
May, 1st      
May, 8th      
May, 15th      

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