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Making the summit at Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO - September 2005

Adriane, Lauren and I, along with two of their friends Cheryl and Shawn spent Labor Day Weekend this year making the summit of Longs Peak, which is 14,259ft (4321m) above sea level, at Rocky Mountain National Park. We were fortunate to get a camping spot at the camp ground near the trail head, which made starting at 2:15am a little more bearable. We were joined by two new friends from Indiana, Jake and Luke. The girls and Jake made the summit at 8:04am, while I made it about 40 minutes later (the altitude slowed me down quite a bit), and Shawn about 15 minutes after that.

The girls show off their ankles (the night before)

Cheryl and Lauren prep

Adriane and Shawn prep

At the tree-line (elev. 11,000 ft)

Resting at the boulder field (elev. 12,400 ft)

Sun is rising

Sun peeking over mountain (1)

Sun peeking over mountain (2)

A peak near the boulder field

The permanent snowfield

The keyhole at sunrise (elev. 13,000 ft)

Adriane in the keyhole

Resting in the Trough

Another rest stop in the trough

Clouds coming our way

At the summit (elev. 14,259 ft)

The group at the summit (1)

The group at the summit (2)

With Adriane at the summit

Other people at the summit

Chasm Lake from the summit

The Chasm

Decending from the summit

View near the summit

Down through the Narrows

Summit / Keyhole sign

Backside of Longs, in the morning sun

The keyhole

Hiking down through the tundra

Looking up at Longs

View of the valley

A marmot

Break to Chasm (panorama)

The trail to Chasm Lake splits off here (elev. 11,550 ft)

Longs Peak trailhead (elev. 9,500 ft)

Hike register (completed!)

Rock climbing at Las Conchas - July 2005

Keith, Angie, Adriane and I climbed Las Conchas late in July. A 10b and an 11a; these two routes did us in after a hot morning on the wall.

Las Conchas Trail

Two routes here

View from the top

Keith rests on wall

Snowboarding trip to Wolf Creek - February 2005

Wolf Creek is a mecca of snow sports. Keith, Angie, Josh and Shelly and I spent a day and a half there snowboarding the last weekend of February. Last year was my first time boarding, with Keith, Angie, Ben, Jen and Terry van Belle - different people this time around, but no less fun.

Five Boarders

Five Boarders, take 2

Angie and Josh

Keith and Shelly

Rock Climbing in El Rito - August 2004

El Rito is a great climbing site kind of near Espanola. Some pictures (from Keith's camera) of the trip. Climbers were Jen Andrews, Keith Wiley, Angie Madrid and myself. Two days of climbing in a beautiful area!




Just starting

Up high

Angie climbs

After a hard clip

Long view

Making the move

Almost done



CSGSA Picnic - Spring 2004

The second annual Computer Science Graduate Student Association (CSGSA) departmental picnic that I have attended, again at the base of the Sandia Mountains, on the eastern slope. A smaller gathering this time, but a nice ending to the year.

Ben and Rotem

James and Alison



Keith and Camera

Sean and James



Various - Winter Break 2004

Leigh's New Year's Party, a second group outing to Pulse's Goth Night, another outing to Pulse's Pump Night, and finally evidence of lunacy in Ft. Collins, CO.

Gabriella and Leigh

Keith and Camera

Angie and Keith

Lance and Erica


Sasha and Terry

ABQ City Lights

Goth Night Redux

Jeremy and Megan

Aaron Pump

Going Purple


ABQ Zoo - Summer 2003

A trip to the Albuquerque Zoo in the late summer.

Minkos (pink)

Hot Rhinos

Green Tree Boa

Polar Butt

Cooling Off

Bear Butt Shot

Sea Lion Dive


Targacept Visit - July 2003

A delegation from Targacept, Inc. (former employer) came out to New Mexico on a business trip. We went on a brief hike originating at the Santa Fe ski basin.


Jeff, Rebecca & Aaron

Lost Hiker


Rebecca & Aaron

Ski Basin View


Goth Night - Spring 2003

At the behest of friends, I joined my fellow zombies in venturing to Pulse's Goth Night. Jen, Shelly, Jeremy, Amy, myself and my visiting friend Megan.

Jen and Shelly

Shelly's Dark Side

Jeremy and Aaron

Goth Girls

Thumb Biting

Goth Jeremy




Dance Freak

Freak Dance


CSGSA Picnic - Spring 2003

Every spring, the Computer Science Graduate Student Association (CSGSA) throws a departmental picnic. This time it was held at the base of the Sandia Mountains, on the eastern slope. Much fun was had by all!

Laughing Ben

Pensive Ben


John and Juice

John and Valerie

Keith and Angie

Watching Volleyball


Terry and Sasha




Travelling New Mexico - Spring Break 2003

Spring break tour of New Mexico (White Sands, Los Alamos, Jemez Mountains). White Sands was amazing, and also very photogenic.

Climbing Dunes




White Sands, NM

Panoramic White Sands


Los Alamos Drive

Bodhi Mandala Buddhist Hot Springs

Springs Statue

The Hot Spring

Hot Springs Bridge

Family Visit - Balloon Fiesta 2002

Family visit around the Balloon Fiesta time, along with a trip to Bandelier National Monument.

Balloon Fiesta '02

Balloon Fiesta '02

Balloon Launches '02

Bandalier Park Canyon Stream

Bandalier Canyon Main Stream

Anasazi Holy Area

View From the Area

View with Kiva

Santa Fe Sunset 1

Santa Fe Sunset 2

Santa Fe Sunset 3


Sinan's BBQ - Fall 2002

Social gathering at Sinan's place. We concluded that while we're all excellent computer-people, none of us are fire-people.



Hiking (Fall '02 - Spring '03)

Various hiking trips with friends.


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