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: Written Pieces

: Pieces I've written, mostly for presentation elsewhere.

Linux Tips You'll Use [2003]
Written as a handout to a presentation I gave at the UNM ACM 'Understanding Linux' session.
pdf Linux Tips You'll Use

National Missile Defense [2001]
The second of a pair of articles written about National Missile Defense in an attempt to both articulate the present (as of the time of writing) potentially devastating road down which NMD takes us and the world.

A History of Nuclear Diplomacy and Missile Defense [2001]
The first of a pair of articles written about National Missile Defense. Largely a historical view of post-WWII armament and diplomacy; to be read as background material for the second article.

The Apathetic Rape [2001]
Written for my senior year reading at the anti-rape forum called Speak Out!

What Am I to You? [1999]
A piece written and read aloud to a group of Residential Advisors-in-training as a part of a larger exercise on pluralism.

The Toilet Paper [1996]
One of my first 'persuasive' essays: about the importance of the toilet and the bathroom in western society. Written in grade school and revised once in the mean-time.

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