Antonio Espinoza

Ph.D. Computer Science, Univ. of New Mexico, May 2019.
Thesis title: The nature of ephemeral secrets in reverse engineering tasks
M.S. Computer Science, Univ. of New Mexico, 2015.
B.S. Computer Science, Univ. of New Mexico, 2011.

My pgp: key   Contact: amajest<at>cs<dot>unm<dot>edu

Advisor: Jedidiah R. Crandall


My research interests are eclectic, including: Dynamic Information Flow Tracking, Reverse Engineering, Network Measurement, and Internet Censorship. I am currently doing a post-doc at UT Austin working with Dr. Tiwari.


I developed the following tool to aid in learning the function call structure within a program. I had an OTF fellowship through the ICFP program for a year, where I reversed engineered LINE to evaluate its cryptography implementation. The results of which are to be published in the 2017 FOCI workshop, and inspired a NetAlert cartoon.