I am now Assistant Professor/Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast. This is my new personal website. The site below is not maintained any longer. Many thanks to UNM for the resource and the great time I had there.

Self-Healing by DASH: (Click for larger size)

Amitabh Trehan

Department of Computer Science
University of New Mexico
New Mexico, U.S.A.
Farris Engineering College Rm 154
amitabh at cs dot unm dot edu

Snapshots: The Network repaired by DASH Self-healing (ref: Paper):
Deletions: 1, 30, 70 and 90 (Top to Bottom, Left to Right).

Curriculum Vitae
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  *Post-Doc at Technion, Haifa Israel (working with Profs. Shay Kutten and Ron Lavi) (from October 2010)*
* Moved to Victoria, BC, Canada for post-doc with Prof. Valerie King.
* Defended on April 1, 2010 (not joking!), graduated with honors, May 2010 (will update soon) ***

I was a PhD student in the computer Science department at the University of New Mexico with Prof. Jared Saia.

My broad research interests are in theory and algorithms with specific interests in distributed algorithms, networks, graph theory, game theory and probability. Current interest includes designing efficient distributed algorithms for robustness/self-healing/self-* properties in systems under attack from a computationally unbounded adversary, and studying game theoretic and other mechanisms for evolving social networks.

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Peaceful and Strong Trees one misty evening at the Sandias
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