UNM CS Student Conference

Presentation Schedule
April 8, 2014

Morning Session (Chair: Scott Levy)

9:45-10:05am:Coarse-grained Energy Modeling of Rollback/Recovery Mechanisms
Dewan Ibtesham, advised by Dorian Arnold [abstract]
10:05-10:25am:Scheduling Heterogeneous HPC Applications in Next-Generation Exascale Systems
Oscar Mondragon, advised by Patrick Bridges [abstract]
10:25-10:45am:Dot-Product Reparameterizations of Tabular Isotropic BSDFs
Ian Mallett, advised by Lance Williams [abstract]

Early Afternoon Session (Chair: Pravallika Devineni)

1:30-1:50pm:From Multi-robot Pursuit to Algorithmic Sorting: Reinforcement Learning for High Dimensional Problems
Aleksandra Faust, advised by Lydia Tapia [abstract]
1:50-2:10pm:Filtering review spam in hotel reviews
Amanda Minnich, advised by Abdullah Mueen [abstract]
2:10-2:30pm:From Microbiology to Microcontrollers: Robot Search Patterns Inspired by T Cell Movement
Matthew Fricke, advised by Melanie Moses

Late Afternoon Session (Chair: Nick Malone)

2:45-3:05pm:Towards Practical Multiparty Computation in Large Networks
Mahdi Zamani, advised by Jared Saia [abstract]
3:05-3:25pm:Self-Healing of Byzantine Faults in Computation Networks
George Saad, advised by Jared Saia [abstract]
3:25-3:45pm:Quorums Quicken Queries: Efficient Asynchronous Secure Multiparty Computation
Mahnush Movahedi, advised by Jared Saia [abstract]