Accessibility Features

Mediasite Player supports closed-captions and all text and controls can be read with screen readers such as GW Micro Window-Eyes®.

Show closed-captioning


Click Closed Captioning to display closed-captions below the presentation's video. Click the button again to hide the captions.

Note: The closed-captioning button appears in presentations only if close-captioning has been added to the presentation.

View slides as text

Display text, which can be read by screen readers, in place of images by viewing the slides as slide descriptions, text slide lists, or chapters:

  • Click Shift+S to view text descriptions of slide content in place of the slide images. The slide number is displayed if the slide descriptions have not been customized.
  • Click Slide List > Chapters to view an organized list of key parts of a presentation.

See Slide Controls for more details on these slide viewing options.

Note: If you are using GW Micro Window-Eyes as your screen reader, go to the General menu in the Window-Eyes application, turn the MSAA Application Mode option off, and turn the Auto Speak Tooltips option on.