Interactive Features

In some live and on-demand presentations you will have the opportunity to participate in audience polls, ask questions, or view supplementary materials by clicking links within the presentation.

View and answer polls


When polls have been added to a presentation, you can answer polls and view poll results in Mediasite Player.

  1. Click Polls to view a presentation's polls.
  2. Click Take Poll on the same row as a poll to answer it.

Ask questions


If the forum feature is enabled for a presentation, you can ask questions using Mediasite Player.

  1. Click Ask.
  2. Enter the subject your question is addressing, your question, name, and email address (optional).
  3. Click Send. When the confirmation box appears, click OK.

Note: In an on-demand presentation, if the presenter has not provided an e-mail this feature is disabled. Also, if you do not want to include the time in the presentation where you had a question, clear the Time check box.

View links


The Links feature is enabled in the Mediasite Player only if links to websites and documents have been added to the presentation. To view a presentation's links:

  1. Click Presentation Links. A separate window launches with the presentation's links listed.
  2. Select the link you want to view. The specified web address will load in another browser window.


E-mail presentations


You can share presentations with other people by sending an e-mail invitation from the Player.

  1. Click the Share. An email form opens with the invitation text.The presentation's details are listed in the invitation along with its URL.
  2. If you want the viewers to whom you are sending the presentation to begin watching the presentation at specific time, check the Start Time check box and enter the time in the presentation. The presentation URL in the invitation updates accordingly.
    For example, to have them begin viewing five minutes into the presentation, enter 5:00 as the start time. By default, the value is the time in the presentation when you click the Send e-mail button.
  3. Enter the destination e-mail addresses and update the invitation text as needed.
  4. Click Send.

Note: If you want to use the e-mail client on your machine to send out an invitation, click Use email client on the email form.