Video Controls

Use the video controls to control playback, seek within or skip back in the presentation, view full-screen video, and adjust the video playback speed. When you are viewing a live presentation, you cannot pause, skip back, or seek within the presentation. Also, you cannot adjust the video playback speed. When a presentation is live, the live presentation indicator is shown.

Note: If the video for the presentation does not appear, verify the presentation is not an audio-only presentation and that you have the current version of Windows Media Player installed. If you do not have the current version, go to the Windows Media download site.

Play, pause, and skip back



Skip back

  • Click Play to resume playback after pausing the presentation.
  • Click Pause to suspend playback.
  • Click Skip Back to go back 3 seconds in the presentation.
  • Use the video seek bar

    Use the video seek bar to move backward or forward in the presentation.

    Adjust video playback speed


    Change the playback speed of an on-demand presentation by using the arrows.

    Adjust volume



  • Adjust the volume by moving the Volume slider right or left.
  • Click Mute to turn the audio off. Click it again to turn it back on.
  • View full-screen video

    Full Screen

  • Click Full Screen to expand a presentation's video so that it fills the entire screen. Press Esc to exit full-screen mode.
  • If you are using Silverlight, simply click anywhere on the video screen to expand to full-screen.
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