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The latest release of tkisem is 4.3. This release requires tcl7.5 and tk4.1. With this release, we are starting to make binary distributions.

4.5 -- a partially supported release

Someday (soon?) we'll have a release based on tcl/tk 8.0. In the meantime, we have a newer version that includes a text based version (tclisem) that is faster, but harder to use. This release is only supported on Unix boxes and we haven't built binaries for many Unix platforms (ok, only Solaris for now). If you're still interested here's more info on 4.5.

Binary Releases

If you plan to use a binary distribution, you need to have a working wish4.1. To obtain wish4.1, see the Tcl/Tk Home Page.

Binary releases come in two flavors: unix, or dos

Source Releases

The source for tkisem is freely available via anonymous ftp (tkisem.tar.gz ~130Kbytes).

This version only compiles on Unix boxes. Once the DOS/Windows port has stabilized a bit, I'll distribute a version of the source code that also compiles on DOS (using Borland C++)

Currently, if you want build tkisem, you'll need:

If you build tkisem on anything other than a Sun workstation, you'll also want to build a cross assembler and cross linker for SPARC source and object programs. Here's what you need to do:

  1. ftp to prep.ai.mit.edu log in as anonymous
  2. cd to pub/gnu/binutils
  3. get the latest version of binutils
  4. uncompress and untar the binutils source code
  5. cd to the binutils directory
  6. configure binutils to generate SPARC code (THIS IS THE ALL IMPORTANT STEP)
    % configure --target=sun4
  7. make the entire tree -- this takes quite a while
  8. cd to the ld directory. The file ld-new can be installed as isem-ld
  9. cd to the gas directory. The file as-new can be installed as isem-as
  10. if you want a manual for ld or as, type make ld.dvi or as.dvi in the ld or as directory.

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