Slides from Selected Talks

William McCune

Constraint Satisfaction for First-Order Logic , University of New Mexico, October, 2008.

Semantic Guidance (and other methods) for Saturation Provers , 8th International Conference on Articificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation, Beijing, September, 2006.

Automatic Proofs and Counterexamples with Applications to Short Single Axioms , AMS Sectional Meeting, Special Session on Universal Algebra and Lattice Theory, Nashville, TN, October 2004.

Ring Models for Group Candidates , Argonne Workshop on Automated Reeasoning and Deduction (AWARD-2004), Argonne, IL, August, 2004.

Sketches and Hints for a Conjecture in Modular Ortholattices , Dagstuhl, April 2003.

RADM/PaPS Workshop Panel Discussion , CADE-18, Copenhagen, July 2002.

More First-order Test Problems in Math and Logic , PaPS Workshop, CADE-18, Copenhagen, July 2002.

Finite Model Search and Single Axioms , AMS and MAA Spring Southeastern Section Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, March 2002.

Equational Deduction and Applications to Boolean Algebra, Quantum Logic, and Cubic Curves, Academia Sinica, Beijing, December 2000.

A Case Study in Program Verification: Soundness of Theorem Provers, University of New Mexico, November 1999.

Proof Checker for First-Order Logic, ACL2 Workshop, March 1999.

Automatic and Practical Equational Deduction, 5th AI & Math Symposium, Fort Lauderdale, January 1998.

Applications of Automated Equational Deduction, AMS Sectional Meeting, Atlanta, October 1997.

Well Behaved Search and the Robbins Problem, RTA-97, Sitges, Spain, June 1997.

Solution of the Robbins Problem, University of Waterloo, March 1997.

Automated Deduction with Otter and MACE, University of Manitoba, October 1995.

Automated Deduction in Algebraic Geometry, Dagstuhl, March 1995.

Applications of Automated Deduction to Problems in Group Axiomatics, SUNY Stony Brook, December 1992.