ADAM 2006

Automated Deduction and its Application to Mathematics

This workshop is a successor to the series of workshops held at Argonne the past few summers (AWARD-2001 -- AWARD-2005). The Argonne workshops covered applications of automated deduction to problems in abstract logic and algebra. The ADAM workshop will focus mainly on algebra and equational problems. Like the Argonne workshops, the ADAM workshop will also emphasize automated deduction methods. ADAM 2006 is sponsored by the Computer Science Department of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque. Questions? Contact Bob Veroff or Bill McCune.

Local Arrangements

Recommended hotel: Fairfield Inn, Albuquerque University Area (Contact Bob for details.)

We will be meeting in Farris Engineering Center (FEC), Room 141. Bob's office is FEC 153.



Contributed Problems and Other Material

The AWARD Workshops at Argonne National Laboratory

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