Masters Students

Doctoral Students

Former Students

Curtis Sirl-MooreMS 2000Synthesis of Isotropic Textures on the Sphere from Sample Images Using the Laplacian Pyramid Transform
Dan SmallMS 2001Real-Time Shape-from-Silhouette
Kanglin XuMS 2002Improved Segmentation of Salient Closed Contours
Joel Castellanos MS 2003Automatic Synthesis of Isotropic Textures on Subdivision Surfaces
Peng TangMS 2004Application of Non-parametric Texture Synthesis to Image Inpainting
Sangh GautamMS 2004Modeling Orientation Preference Structure by Minimizing Wirelength in a Cortical Circuit for Contour Completion
Keith WileyPhD 2006Druid: Representation of Interwoven Surfaces in 2 ½ D Drawing
Ron HospelhornMS 2006Implementation of Steerable Pyramids with Hexagonal Sampling