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An Introduction to Technical Writing

January 29, 2004

Date: Thursday, January 29th, 2004
Time: 11am-12:15pm
Location: Woodward 149

Patrick Bridges, <>
Department of Computer Science, UNM

Abstract: Effective technical writing is an essential skill form  every graduate student and virtually every student has had at least one class as an undergraduate on writing essays of various sorts. Unfortunately, these classes generally teach very little that is of practical relevance to writing technical papers and reports. In this colloquium, I will give students a brief introduction to the issues of technical writing and how they differ dramatically from the essay writing most students learned as undergraduates. In particular, I will focus on practical tips for organizing technical papers and presenting technical information, give example of well-organized and poorly-organized techncal writing, and also give some advice on effective language use in technical writing. In addition, I will give a few tips on presenting technical work to large groups, another essential skill that is frequently not taught directly.